Seneko d.o.o. is a family business founded in 2007.

We have been dealing with additive manufacturing and 3D printing for many years. At first, we learned about 3D printing for our own needs of prototyping and designing and developing new products, and then with applied research in additive manufacturing, industrial projects for the provision and production of spare parts, we expanded our offer and offered it to a wider market.

We enjoy interesting projects and challenges where we can use all our knowledge and create "something more" together.

We believe that creativity should be free and limited as little as possible, and therefore we decided to offer high-quality consumables for 3D printing at a more affordable price and make the way easier for creatives, creators and 3D printers.



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  • Proven and quality materials
  • Quality manufacturing with:
    • A little smell
    • No foreign bodies or blockages
    • Well wound without tangling
    • Minimal curvature
    • dobro toleranco +- 0,03 mm
    • High quality materials with safety data sheets
    • Extraordinary capacity of production capacity
    • Excellent support
    • Pioneers in the development of new and better products
    • Strategic position in Europe
  • Quick delivery